Come see the special exhibits at the Ainsley House before they go! Exhibits close October 30th. "Agents of Decay" is hands-on fun where you use your detective skills to solve why our artifacts are falling part. "Then and Now" is a photography exhibit that juxtaposes Campbell of the past with Campbell today.

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New Kids Engineering Class!

Posted on October 13th, 2016 by The Art Beat

New Atomic D Creative Space starting in November! Only 6 spots available so sign up now!

Creative engineers needed! Only curiosity required.

Hi, Atomic D here. As an engineering coach, I help kids from 4 to 8th grade explore 3D design and 3D printing, basic electronics and Arduino programming. I build young design teams, lead creation meetings and help kids design and build their own creations.

Just as artists use brushes and paints to bring a blank canvas to life, engineers use many different tools to bring their ideas to working reality.

Within the Atomic D Creative Space and with your Atomic D parts box, you will use tools that real engineers and makers use every day.

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Darling-Fisher Memorial Chapel and Downtown Campbell want you to have a safe, responsible, and enjoyable Oktoberfest weekend. That's why we're hosting Yellow Checkered Cab in our parking lot to help get you or your friends home if someone's had too much to drink. Just come on down to Darling-Fisher and there'll be a cab waiting for you.

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