Directions and Parking Locations in Downtown Campbell

Downtown Campbell is a popular and lively destination and it helps to have some tips on how to get here and where to park. Most of the time, your best bet for parking is the two level parking garage near the Campbell Water Tower (1st and Rincon Garage). For the most popular events like weekend festivals, it may be necessary to park over at the Campbell Community Center on the opposite side of Winchester Ave. from Downtown Campbell.

Public Parking Garages:

  • N. 2nd Street & Civic Center Drive (3 story garage behind Aqui Cal-Mex)
  • S. 1st Street at Rincon Ave. - Best Usual Bet (2 story garage next to the Water Tower)

Public Parking Lots:

  • South side of Orchard City Drive between S. 1st & the light rail tracks
  • North side of Orchard City Drive between S. 1st & S. Central
  • On Railway Avenue north and south of Orchard City Drive
  • Campbell Library Parking Lot (only when Library is closed). On the NW corner of Civic Center Drive & Harrison Ave. See Library hours.
  • At the Campbell Community Center off of Campbell Ave. near Winchester Ave. - Best Option for Big Events

Small Public Parking Lots:

  • NW corner of Orchard City Drive & S. 1st Street
  • SE corner of Civic Center Drive & N. 1st Street
  • E. Campbell Avenue at Ainsley Park (next to the Railroad tracks)

Paid Parking:

  • Orchard City Parking (Hourly parking between the Courtyard and Therapy on E. Campbell Ave.)

On-Street Parking:

Along East Campbell Avenue, Orchard City Drive, & Civic Center Drive. Please be aware of the time limits.

Public transportation:

Save yourself the hassle of driving and parking by taking public transportation!

Parking Map of Downtown Campbell

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