We're in the news again! KPIX TV reports that this holiday season "many people (shop in places like Downtown Campbell) not only for the goods, but for the experience." We couldn't have said it any better. When our mom and pops chose to land in Downtown Campbell, most of them did so because they wanted to be a part of the community. We're not just a bunch of stores. We're part of what makes your neighborhood the place that it is. Thank you KPIX CBS San Francisco Bay Area for the coverage and thank you to all of our friends for shopping local and supporting us! We hope your holidays have been bright and take a look at this 2-minute story that features our very own REDEMPTION and Therapy!

Shopping malls are struggling with the continued rise of online shopping but according to Bloomberg mom-and-pop businesses have outpaced the big chain stores. (12-22-17)

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Update: Apparently there are a few who know a bit of the backstory of this lot and do not want to support its owner. That is understandable, except Orchard City Parking (the business) is owned and run by someone else. The lot is being rented to Orchard City Parking by the owner and Orchard City Parking was responsible for paying for and performing the renovations.


Hello again? As of this month, you have a new old super convenient parking option in Downtown Campbell, but you'll have to pay for it. Orchard City Parking has taken over the lease on the empty lot that's between Therapy and the Courtyard Shops and they've converted it to a 22 space paid parking lot. It's $3/hour and $30/max per day.

A lot of people have been upset with this lot becoming a paid lot and there's confusion as to what's happening here. No, it's not a trend. All of the other parking spaces in Downtown Campbell remain free with their usual limitations. This is just another parking option being offered by a business that leased the private lot that was once leased to the City of Campbell and offered by the City as a free public parking lot.

Unbeknownst to many, it was private property then and it's still private property now. Neither the City of Campbell nor Downtown Campbell are charging you to park down here.

If you're still itchy that it's not free, think of it this way... just don't park there and let someone else decide that an easy parking spot is worth $3/hour. Every car that parks here is one fewer car that'll be competing with you for a free parking spot. Nobody has parked here for years and no parking was removed to install this lot. Whether you ever park here or not, parking just got a little easier for everyone.

If $3 an hour in a centrally located spot is worth it for the convenience factor for you, then go for it! Otherwise, continue using the same free parking lots and on street parking that you've been using for the last 4+ years.


The #Winter Flavor Calendar is back and so is the yummy Snowball cupcake!! It's chocolate cake topped with our delicious marshmallow frosting rolled in sweetened coconut! Available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays or by special order!

Frost Cupcake Factory Winter Flavor Calendar

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