We're a little late to the party, but we'd like to put in some congratulations to "Sushi" Randy, the founder and chef behind the very popular Sushi Confidential restaurant in Campbell, for winning the Campbell Chamber of Commerce's 2018 Business of the Year Award.

Instead of telling you things that you probably already know about Sushi Confidential, we're going to print a transcript of the speech that Randy gave at the Celebrate Campbell event earlier this month upon accepting the award. It illustrates what rich and varied past lives many small business owners bring with them into their new life in retail. These stories and these experiences are the special sauce that make Downtown Campbell such a vibrant and inviting community.

Randy "Sushi Randy" Musterer

In 1997, I started my career as a Cancer Research Scientist. Over a 17 year span, I was able to help develop cancer therapies that are currently on the market today. So one of my biggest challenges switching from Cancer Research to “just making sushi”, was the potential feeling of losing my purpose in life to help others. To overcome this, I challenged myself and our organization, to produce something bigger and greater for society.

Downtown Campbell was our first location. We started off offering $40 gift cards to local schools for their fundraisers. I could see the excitement and appreciation from the schools, the parents, the community. Eventually, the donations grew into us offering $1500 sushi parties that would be auctioned off at their school fundraisers. Over the years, our brand became so strong, that these sushi parties would regularly fetch 2-3 times the actual value of the sushi party and we set a record for a $1500 sushi party that turned into a $13,000 donation.

At a number of these auctions, was the auction announcer, Randy Hahn, who is also the voice of the San Jose Sharks. We both quickly saw a synergy, “What if we leveraged the Sushi Confidential brand combined with Randy Hahn, a well spoken, famous face in the bay area, to create something positive and special for the community?

In 2016, Randy and I started our own philanthropy called The Randys’ 24 Hours of Sushi, Celebrity Charity Challenge. Even though we have only done this for a year, we have raised over $200,000 for local non-profits in the bay area. It is amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it!

I had the special privilege and pleasure of meeting and talking with Oprah a couple years ago. And something she said, has stuck with me. She said “Use the restaurant as a platform, a force for something positive and good! Your business is an energetic force in the community and you are responsible for the type of energy you create”.

It just takes a little creativity, a little desire, a little sacrifice, a little purpose in life, to be able to create a powerful tool to give back. Life is

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LvL Up is Opening Soon

Posted on March 16th, 2018 by Downtown Campbell

Hey, it looks like it's FINALLY going to happen.

One of the final hurdles for Arcade-Gastropub, LvL Up's, opening was needing for the power grid that supplies their end of the block to be upgraded. That was done and it appears like they're finally cleared for takeoff, but wisely they're not nailing down a grand opening date just yet.

Wow, who ever thought it'd take so long to get something to replace the Gaslighter Theatre? What year did they leave?

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This past weekend was the 50th annual Celebrate Campbell "awards dinner" where we celebrate the people and organizations that make this little city such an wonderful place. One of the people that we celebrated was our very own Carol Pouya, who's the owner of Tessora's Barra di Vino, a board member of the Downtown Campbell Business Association (DCBA), and a volunteer. She typically works on things behind the scenes so most people don't know how much she does to contribute to the culture and atmosphere of Downtown Campbell.

I'll let the President of the DCBA, Andrea Buswell, tell you a bit more about, Carol Pouya, our honoree for 2018. Here's a copy of the introduction that Andrea gave in presenting the award to her.

Andrea Buswell, Owner of Frost Cupcake Factory

Carol puts her whole heart into everything she believes in including her business Tessora's Bara di Vino, her beautiful family, and the Downtown Campbell Business Association. Carol was in the dental field for 20 years, but decided to “retire” and follow her passion for wine along with her husband, Hamid. Tessora’s first opened in the Pruneyard in 2009 and when the opportunity came to move to Downtown Campbell, they jumped at the chance and opened on E Campbell Avenue in 2015. Tessora’s adds such a vibrant, welcoming charm to Downtown Campbell, and is truly a family run business. This strong, hard-working woman is also a mother of five, Jenni (who is also the head chef), Nikki (who runs the front of house as well as social media), Derick, Matthew and Nasheen, as well as a grandmother of 3….so far…and counting!

Carol has a way of making her customers feel important and “at home” and gives the ultimate customer service. She is a truly dedicated, hard-working woman who is always there, late nights or early mornings, without complaint. On top of this, she volunteers countless hours to the DCBA, and acts as the “Mom” of the board, which comes natural to her, for obvious reasons! She has been an integral part of the execution and success of First Fridays, the Wine Walks and all of our wonderful Downtown Campbell events. In fact, she is instrumental in organizing, scheduling and booking all of the music acts you enjoy on the streets of Downtown. (See what I did there.)

Carol has been such a welcome face, neighbor, friend, mentor, boss, wife, mother, grandmother and champion of all things Campbell. We are lucky to have her on the DCBA Board along with the rest of our scrappy little bunch, and honor her tonight with this well deserved recognition and induction into the admired group of Campbell Elite.


You may have noticed that we haven't been having any Second Saturday Artwalks or First Friday street entertainment events in 2018. Don't worry, they're not going away. We're just in the middle of our annual winter break for our street activities. From January through the end of March, we take a break from hosting street musicians and local artists and makers because of the colder weather, shorter days, and potential for rain outs.

First Fridays and Second Saturdays will resume in April as usual. If you're interested in participating either as a musician or as an artist/maker, please fill out one of our applications.

Downtown Campbell Street Entertainment Application
Music & performance for First Fridays, Second Saturdays, & other events

Second Saturday Artwalk Vendor Information Page
Please read about our vendor requirements and fill out an application to exhibit your art or wares on an upcoming Saturday.


At last weekend's "Wig" fundraiser, many of the shops in the Courtyard in Downtown Campbell organized a raffle ad donated a portion of proceeds to fund the purchase of a real hair wig for one of the employees of Bombshell Boutique who has severe Alopecia Areata (spot baldness) and was bullied because of her disorder. We easily surpassed our target and all additional funds were donated to No Bully, an organization that promotes anti-bullying initiatives.

Here's a look at the lovely Anjolie modeling an outfit from Bombshell Boutique with her new hair!

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If you haven't heard yet, there were mass layoffs throughout the Mercury News Organization and the staff of their community newspapers division was gutted. This would include the Campbell Reporter, which often helped spread news about things happening in or affecting Downtown Campbell. Small downtowns like ours rely on community engagement to remain healthy and vibrant and we will miss the Campbell Reporter and its sister publications. The hard work of their underpaid reporters and photojournalists have played an important role in helping Downtown Campbell come out of its days as a too quiet downtown of antique shops that was deserted after 6pm.

To all of the women and men (I call out the women first for good reason) who've helped to create a more engaged and informed community, we've appreciated your dedication and professionalism. Thank you for your work in service to our communities. Good luck in your new adventures and may we meet again.

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