Komatsu Japanese Cuisine first opened its doors in Downtown Campbell in 1977. Through this entire time, it has occupied the same slightly off the beaten path corner of Downtown Campbell. Through the years, a lot has changed around it, but it has stayed much the same for four decades.

The restaurant's namesake, Harry Komatsu owned the restaurant for over 25 years and when he decided it was time to retire, Komatsu was sold to its current owners, Ken and Nancy Lin. That was in 2003 and ever wilder sushi rolls were all the rage. The restaurant could have gone in a new direction, but Ken and Nancy decided to keep things mostly the same. The menu went through some changes, but they continued with Harry Komatsu's approach of doing the traditional fare and doing it well.

All good things come to an end and Downtown Campbell will be losing an institution that has been witness to the times, both good and bad. For 40 years, you could always find great Japanese food near the iconic Campbell water tower in a little brick space that was divided up by quaint tatami rooms and Japanese shoji screens.

On May 20th, 2017, change comes for it too and a little enduring corner of Downtown Campbell will be different for the first time in four decades.

Fans and friends of Komatsu Japanese Cuisine, you've got until May 19th to go there for one last hurrah and relive your memories from a simpler time.

Please call ahead (408.379.3000) and make reservations a day in advance if you are bringing a sizable group with you.

Just announced! Campbell Con Year 3 will be on October 21, 2017. Spaces are now open and tickets are now on sale. We will have another great lineup of Special Guests and it is all in motion. More fun activities exclusives, and introducing a game room with tournaments.

More info coming soon.

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If you're an artist or a maker, we want you to join us and help us turn the streets of Downtown Campbell into a vibrant little art and a crafts mart during our monthly Second Saturdays event.

Second Saturdays is our monthly Artwalk and street music event that happens on (wait for it)... the second Saturday of each month. It's been on holiday for the opening months of the year, but we've got our first one of 2017 scheduled for Saturday, April 8th.

A lot of our old favorites will be rejoining us for 2017, but we'd love to give more artists and makers the opportunity to be a part of our once-a-month craft community. There's no charge to participate, but there are some requirements that you have to meet to come exhibit at Second Saturdays.

Let's get you started! Please see this page for more information:
Second Saturdays Exhibitor Information

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