Oh, we are bready for our close up in Downtown Campbell and the future is golden like a croissant and pillowy soft like a baguette right out of the oven. Sorry, pardon us, we’re just loopy from hitting the bread jackpot. We’re gonna need a bigger butter boat.

First Bagel Bar is coming in down the street and later this year, Manresa Bread will be taking over the spot vacated when la PanotiQ closed. Manresa Bread already has two popular bakeries in Los Gatos and Los Altos and they're already a known quantity in Downtown Campbell because they're regulars at the Sunday Farmers' Markets in Campbell.

Manresa Bread is an offshoot of the world famous three Michelin star, Manresa Restaurant, in Los Gatos.


Any fans of Vin Santo Ristorante of Willow Glen out there?

The owners of Vin Santo just opened a new restaurant in Downtown Campbell, Il Sogno, in the restaurant space that's shared with Campbell Brewing Company. They just had their first evening of being open for business last night. As you can see, they're still not quite finished yet (but they are open).

According to their Facebook page, Il Sogno is an Italian influenced tapas style restaurant serving European style late night dinners and snacks with live music.

Welcome to Campbell Chef Umberto Pala, family, and crew!


Help the City of Campbell receive a $20,000 grant for park beautification as part of the National Park and Recreation Association's Meet Me At The Park contest. To nominate Campbell, go to the contest website here:

You'll need to go through a very basic registration and then it'll present you with a page with 15 cities on it. Campbell is not one of the 15 cities. You will be writing in a nomination for Campbell to be the 16th city. When the contest ends, one city from the list of 15 gets a $20,000 grant from the NPRA and Disney. The city that gets the most nominations will also get a $20,000 grant.

You may cast your vote once per day throughout the entire month of April. The contest ends on April 30th.

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So, when is LvL Up opening? We keep getting that question and the answer for over a year has been, "Uh, whenever they open."

Well, the horse's mouth has finally spoken and they are opening... tomorrow! Well, sort of. They're doing a limited soft grand opening over the course of the first week and you can only get in by RSVP, but all of the RSVP slots filled out in only a couple of hours. They'll be making more available so watch the Lvl Up Facebook page if you'd like be one of the first to get in and see the new Arcade Gastropub in Downtown Campbell.

BTW, this isn't an April Fool's joke. Haha.

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