Why the Salem Witch Hunt Still Matters Today


The Salem witch hunt (June 1692-May 1693) is a chapter of American History that has endured centuries later. The series of investigations and persecutions led to the death sentences of 19 convicted witches and hundreds of others to be imprisoned in the Massachusetts Bay Colony

Alcatraz Island: 200 Years on the Rock


Alcatraz Island: 200 Years on the Rock is an illustrated history of Alcatraz Island from its discovery by Spanish explorers through today's status as a world-renown National Park site.

The History of the Mt. Umunhum Almaden Air Force Station


Discover the history of this fascinating Bay Area historic landmark and enjoy a slideshow of amazing historic photos of this Cold War radar station when it was in operation between 1958 and 1980.

Online: The History of the Presidio at Monterey (Campbell Museums)


Join us for a virtual tour of Monterey’s Lower Presidio, a place that has been described by many historians as, “the most historically significant site on the west coast” and the place where Monterey was born. Historian Tim Thomas...

History at Home: The Historic Filoli Estate


Join us via Zoom for an evening with Julie DeVere, the Director of Museum Collections at Filoli . Julie will highlight the history of Filoli and discuss her role as Director of Museum Collections.

History at Home: Ranchos in California: The Spanish and Mexican Eras

Campbell Historical Museum

California has a rich history that spans hundreds of years of human settlements. Many people only spend a brief period of time learning about the Rancho period in California history. What can we learn about the people who lived, worked, thrived on California's hundreds of Ranchos? How is their legacy still with us today?

Spring Exhibition Opening Reception

Ainsley House

The Ainsley House is having a spring exhibition opening reception in honor of its two new exhibits! The Entrepreneurial Journey of American Immigrants and The Art of Tea.