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From holiday blues to bloating, the holidays present us with health challenges besides the good times. Hence we decide to focus on learning self-care skills to prepare us for the holidays in our October and November meeting for our meetup. For our October meeting, we will focus on dealing with digestion issues.

Whether you are single or married, have kids or not, we welcome you to join us in this 90-minute FREE workshop to:

  1. Meet the Inner Doctor inside us through the Healing By Design Self-Care Technology.
  2. Discover and use our Hand Control Panel to address our digestion challenges, whether it is indigestion, constipation, low appetite, over-eating, or just to improve our digestion so we can enjoy the holiday meals.
  3. Learn about a special therapeutic water that can help us improve our digestion, lose weight, among many other benefits.

This is the kickoff session for our Self-Care-for-All workshop series. It is also a joint session with our Self-Care-for-New and-Expecting-Parents series. The workshop will be facilitated by Lisa K.Y. Wong, L.Ac., founder of Center for Healing By Design, a licensed acupuncturist and self-care educator. A former staff acupuncturist at Kaiser Permanente San Jose and massage therapist at El Camino Hospital, Lisa served as a subject expert for the California Acupuncture Board. Lisa is also the author of the Pocket Guide to Your Body's Control Panels and a member of the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health. She launched the global Climb Every Mountain Self-Care Movement by climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in 2015 and has taught practical and life-changing self-care skills to hundreds of people in Silicon Valley and abroad, from 4-year-old orphans to 80-year-old world record holders, to empower them to climb the "mountains" in their lives.

The topics for the sessions in the Self-Care-for-All series are:

  • Session #1: Introduction - Meet Your Inner Doctor and Use Your Hand Control Panel
  • Session #2: Discover and Use Your Ear Control Panel
  • Session #3: Discover and Use Your Foot Control Panel
  • Session #4: Happy Foods
  • Session #5: Pain Relief - from Arthritis to Sports Injuries
  • Session #6: Stress Relieving and Sleep Buttons
  • Session #7: Colon Cleansing
  • Session #8: Liver and Gallbladder Health
  • Session #9: Headaches and Concussion
  • Session #10: Hormone Balancing

Admission is FREE. Children of all ages are welcome. The dates and topics for the sessions may change and will be announced as they become available.

This is the second of many self-care series each designed for people with different needs. Topics for future series will be based on feedback and suggestions from members of the group. The goal is that, by learning and sharing our experiences, we will have LOTS of FUN and make LOTS of FRIENDS while we each evolving into being the BEST PARTNER for our INNER DOCTOR!

Center for Healing By Design, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to provide self-care education, experience, and tools for people of all ages and cultures. Volunteers and donations are appreciated to support our efforts.

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