Survival Project

It's Hot. Socially Distance Yourself from Your Stove

Stay socially distanced from your stove and get out of your hot house by getting an outdoor table at one of our restaurants this Labor Day Weekend.

Don't forget that this Labor Day Weekend is your last chance to enter our "August" drawing round for prizes...

Survival Project August 2020: Retail Extra Bonus Round

We want you to enjoy the additional space we've made for you to shop in Downtown Campbell by giving you some extra rewards for doing some socially distanced shopping at our retail stores or for ordering from them online.

Last Week to Win Hair Removal Beauty Treatments or Ritual Day Spa Certificates

There's one weekend left in the "Beauty Round" of the Downtown Campbell Survival Project Prize Drawings. You have until the end of the day on Sunday, August 2nd to enter the July drawings to win one of the following: 3 free hours of electric hair removal or one of four $50 gift certificates to Ritual Day Spa!