The Bar Method's Top 5 Transforming Secrets

Posted on May 29th, 2019 by The Bar Method

Did you know that The Bar Method is expressly designed to give you a dancer's body? Check out this blog post from our founder, Burr Leonard, and discover the top five transforming secrets of The Bar Method.

If I asked you why The Bar Method is so good at changing bodies, you might answer that it’s an intense and targeted workout, and you’d be correct! What you may not be as aware of is its many other body-transforming abilities. In this blog, I will reveal five less-talked-about features of The Bar Method workout that are key to giving you the body you are working towards.

1. It is expressly designed to give you a dancer’s body

The Bar Method builds firm but graceful-looking muscles by challenging you to a large number of reps against moderate resistance. In contrast...


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