Thank You for Making us the "Little Downtown that Could"

Posted on November 22nd, 2018 by Downtown Campbell

As we spend today giving thanks to the things that we have in our lives, Downtown Campbell would like to give thanks to all of the friends, fans, and patrons that we have. Thank you for your continued support for our "Little Downtown that Could" because that really is what we are.

People are always surprised when they learn how little we have to work with. We do not have the things that most other downtowns have. We do not have an office. We do not have any full time employees. We do not have any stable funding. When we buy stuff, we're not sure where to store it because we don't even have a permanent place to put it!

Despite all of the challenges that we face, Downtown Campbell continues to be a draw for fun activities, community gatherings, and a night out on the town. The events that we produce usually sell out and the events organized by our friends at the City of Campbell and the Campbell Chamber of Commerce also thrive.

We don't have a lot of advantages in being what we are, but we do have a couple of things. What we have are a lot of friends and a "culture of doing stuff". Downtown Campbell is a community of many characters and organizations who work well with others and like to make things happen. This is something that's truly unique and is something that we're grateful for everyday.

Thank you for supporting us and we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

P.S. Please remember to Shop Small with us this Saturday and beyond!

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