The Moon in You Astrology Workshop

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* We are offering this workshop at a discounted rate, from $77 to $55, as an offering of gratitude for the holiday season.

In astrology and other ancient teachings, the moon is revered as a powerful force that affects our emotions, our bodies, our cycles, and our inner landscapes. As our bodies are made up of mostly water, we are pulled by the moon's gravitational force in the same way that it pulls the tides of the ocean.

The moon's position in the sky at the time of our birth is also essential in determining various aspects of who we are such as: our relationship with our mother, the way we nurture and would like to be nurtured, how we process emotions, and so much more.

This fun and interactive workshop is for the moon lovers who would like to learn how to work with the moon in order to get to know themselves on a deeper level. When we learn to work with the natural cycles of nature and our own inner rhythms, we are better able to find harmony, health, and wellbeing.

This Workshop Includes:

  • Learn about the moon and its importance in astrology
  • Learn about your moon sign and how to work with its unique energies
  • Custom "moon cards" with detailed information about your moon sign
  • Make your own Moon Milk Bath ritual kit
  • Light snacks and tea


Bonus Offer:

* Attendees receive 15% discount off in-store purchases the day of class


Meet Your Astrologist:

My interest in human nature and one's individual path led me to become a Special Education Teacher, a Birth and Postpartum Doula, and an artist. Astrology has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. When my life took a turn and I found myself on a healing journey, I dove deeper into the world of astrology and was amazed by the way it could unlock secrets about our inborn personality traits, desires, and destiny in life. Astrology became an invaluable tool for for my own self-empowerment, and I soon began sharing my gift with others. My birth chart readings uncover the essence of who you were born to be, your probable paths in life, and how to work with the Universal energies and currents as they move through.

Kendra Comstock,
Wyld Blue Rose

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