Rita's Easter Fun - Prizes Galore


Celebrate Easter with a sweet treat at Rita's!

Continue the egg hunt at Rita's at Campbell. Receive a prize egg with each purchase.

The eggs contain:

FREE coupons FREE T-shirt FREE Rita's reusable bag FREE Cookies, toppings...

Seasonal Specials at Campbell Creamery

Happy February! Check out our NEW Seasonal Specials available all month. These Red Velvet Cookies are to die for and are perfect with our seasonal Raspberry Truffle Ice Cream.

Like Watermelon, but Mo' Funner

Here's your next party trick. Pick up a slice of one of these "watermelons" from Frost Cupcake Factory and eat it whole, rind and all, to the amazement of everyone else. Then resist the urge to spit out the "seeds"....