Wow! The RetroFix Lives On!

Posted on May 7th, 2024 by The Retro Fix II Turbo

A couple of months ago we announced that the RetroFix in Downtown Campbell was intending to go out with a bang on April 14th.

There was a loud bang alright, but it wasn't the sound of RetroFix leaving. It was the sound of racous cheering when the shop's owner, Rudy, announced with his entire team and community standing there with him announced that at the last minute he was able to work something out with the building owner to continue building the community hangout and business that he'd been dreaming of building his entire life.

On their "last day" the RetroFix held what was to be their final swap meet and mini-con. Normally their mini-cons have a single theme. It's retro games, Anime, or collectible toys. As a farewell, they blended their two biggest communities for the last hurrah. The Anime people and the retro games people were all there together for a sendoff.

At the end of the event, Rudy gave a straight from the heart talk from memory where he thanked everyone who had sacrificed for him and with him to make the place even possible. Instead of saying goodbye, he teased that with this new lease on life, they have plans, but couldn't talk about them yet.

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