CBD For Wellness: Topicals, Tinctures, & Softgels – Which Products Are Right For You?

Posted on October 5th, 2023 by cloudcity

In just the last few years, CBD has earned its rightful place as a staple in millions of health and wellness routines. One attribute of CBD that makes it so popular is its growing accessibility. This multipurpose compound can be administered in various ways. Namely, there are three methods that tend to stand out the most:

  1. Topicals
  2. Sublingual tinctures
  3. Softgels

How to choose CBD products for your wellness routine

Each method highlights different benefits according to your unique needs and preferences. In addition to being so accessible, exercising the autonomy of choice in how you incorporate natural remedies like CBD into your daily routine makes it a fan favorite and contributes to its growing reputation. But with all these options, how do you know what to choose? In this blog, we’ll explain what to pay attention to when shopping for CBD, and how to choose the best products for your needs.

Topical CBD products

Best for: targeted external relief.

Topical products include anything applied to the skin. For example, lotions, creams, balms, and oils designed for external use. Some key advantages of topical CBD products include:

  • Relief for a targeted area. Maybe you experience regular awful headaches, chronic joint pain, or horrible menstrual cramps. Applying a CBD topical to your forehead, back of your neck, or abdomen can offer palpable relief for seemingly inescapable pain and discomfort. Topical CBD can also help with skin conditions like eczema, or even general irritation caused by seasonal weather changes.
  • Fast-acting. Because topical products are absorbed by the skin, the effects are basically instantaneous. The cannabinoid receptors in your skin directly interact with the CBD, allowing you to feel its therapeutic benefits right away.
  • Easy and convenient user experience. Just like any other hand cream or face balm, you can carry topical CBD products with you wherever you go and use them whenever you need to.

Sublingual CBD tinctures

Best for: versatile use and broader physiological effects.

Sublingual tinctures are liquid extracts deposited under the tongue via an oil dropper. This delivery method allows the CBD to absorb directly into your bloodstream, which makes the effects on your mind and bodily sensations broader and last for longer periods of time. In addition to its fast absorption, sublingual tinctures also offer:

  • Versatility. Sublingual application is not the only way you can use tinctures. At Cloud City, we love to get creative and use them as additives to our favorite food and beverage recipes. You can add CBD tinctures to anything: your morning coffee, breakfast oatmeal, or brunch mimosas are just a few of our favorite ways to start the day.
  • Customizable dosage. Because you use a dropper to administer the CBD, you can control the amount you take with each use. This makes tinctures an especially great option for newbies, as it promotes our theory of “starting low and going slow” as you experiment to find the dosage that’s best for you.
  • Systemic Benefits: Unlike topicals, tinctures offer systemic effects, meaning the CBD can have a broader impact throughout the body and help with issues beyond localized concerns. In addition to targeting relief from physical pain and discomfort, CBD ingested sublingually also provides other physiological accommodations such as calming anxiety, elevating mood, and balancing hormone levels.

Softgel capsules

Best for: precise and predictable effects.

Similar to traditional pills, softgels are encapsulated CBD you can consume with the rest of your daily vitamins or supplements. Advantages of softgels include:

  • Precise dosage. Because the CBD is encapsulated, you know the exact amount you’re taking without having to measure it out in a dropper first. Softgels ensure a consistent effect with each use. For some, this is convenient. However, it can be limiting for those who prefer to be in control of the effects.
  • No taste. Disclaimer: CBD products don’t necessarily taste like candy. Usually they are blended in formulations that contain other natural herbs and remedies that seek to serve a specific purpose.
  • Convenience. Just like vitamins, you can ingest softgels quickly and on-the-go.
  • Long-lasting effects. Because softgels are processed through your gut and metabolized through your liver, the onset of the effects take longer to kick in. With that said, once they do kick in, they tend to last longer than other forms of CBD, making them a great option for those in need of sustained support throughout the day.

To choose the right CBD products, consider your individual needs and preferences. Topicals are excellent for targeted relief, tinctures offer fast and customizable effects, and softgels provide precise dosing and long-lasting benefits.

Ultimately, your choice depends on your desired outcome and how you prefer to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine. We advise you to consult with a healthcare professional or one of our CBD experts to determine the best option for you.

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