Everyday is Small Again for 2021

Posted on November 26th, 2021 by sheldon

Last year as we were entering the worst days of the Covid-19 pandemic after an already terrifying year for small businesses, we asked you to make every day Small Business Saturday because there were so many Mom and Pop shops that were on the brink of going under. Thanks to you, most of our shops made it through a year to forget.

2021 was supposed to be totally different wasn't it? Instead of the return to normal we all wanted, we got a year that carried its own set of incredible difficulties leading to yet another very nervous holiday season.

We need your support again this year so we're calling on you again in 2021 to make every day Small Business Saturday. When you're drawing up your gift ideas, please think of a locally owned Mom and Pop shop first before you look elsewhere.

If you're short on ideas and short on time, be sure to take advantage of our online gift cards directory with links to pages where you can purchase gift cards for many of your favorite businesses in Downtown Campbell.

In 2021, we thank you for thinking small. Thank you for shopping small. Thank you because once again, Every Day Is Small.

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