Hello Red Tier My Old Friend...

Posted on March 13th, 2021 by sheldon

Hello Red Tier my Old Friend. I've come to talk of you again.

Well, we're back in the Red Tier again. Actually, we've been back in it for almost two weeks now.

We've been here before, but this time it's a little bit different because Santa Clara County is no longer practicing a more restricted version of the Red Tier guidelines produced by the State of California. Whatever it says is allowed in the Red Tier on the Blueprint for a Safer Economy website is what's now allowed in Santa Clara County.

The key differences between the Purple Tier and the Red Tier are:

  • Indoor dining allowed up to 25% of capacity.
  • Indoor gyms and fitness studios allowed up to 10% of capacity.
  • Retail allowed up to 50% of capacity.

Other details:

  • Bars and pubs still can't operate as drinks only establishments. You have to order food.
  • Most gyms and fitness studios are continuing to offer outdoor or online services even if they're allowed to have limited capacity.

Keep in mind that just because something is allowed doesn't mean that it's available yet. Some businesses are understandably hesitant to move too fast and others would like to do more, but don't have the staffing yet. Not being able to keep up with improving conditions and loosening restrictions is a nice problem to have, but still a problem. Please be patient and understanding as our businesses have had a very rough go at things in the past few months with all of the opening and closing they've had to do.

Thanks to the progress that we've made, it's looking very likely that Santa Clara County will end up in the Orange Tier again when we become eligible to exit the Red Tier on March 24th. Decreasing infection rates, warmer weather, and increasing vaccination rates are all good trends that point toward better days coming soon, but the lessons of past pandemics suggest that there's a good chance of seeing one last sneaker wave that hits when everyone lets their guard down too soon. I don't want to ever have to explain the Red Tier again so please please please continue to be the most responsible version of yourself until we're one month past the end of the pandemic. Be super diligent about keeping a mask on whenever possible when you're around people, especially if it's indoors.

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