NEW Virtual Art & Chess Classes for Kids Starting this February!

Posted on January 21st, 2021 by Online

ZenTangle Art *Virtual* (5-12 yrs)

“Untangle” your kids creativity with this Artistic Meditation. This method helps aspiring artists create beautiful pictures and scenes through drawing abstract, structured patterns with step-by-step instructions from our Certified ZenTangle instructor. You create tangles with combinations of dots, lines, simple curves, S-curves and orbs. Let’s get into some serious doodling and you will know there is no limit to creativity.

Cartoons and Concept *Virtual* (5-12 yrs)

An hour of creativity delivered to you with art supplies easily available at home. You just need some markers, sharpie, pencil, paper and eraser. Everyone can draw cartoons with a few simple techniques. This cartooning course will enable students to conceptualize and produce an original cartoon character and its background. Students will learn how to create their own cartoon characters with front, side and back profiles, create and design backgrounds and environments for their characters and to create movements and poses. The course will be incredibly interactive and keep kids on track with their learning.

Pastel Art Technique *Virtual* (5-12 yrs)

Pastels are an amazing medium that with good guidance can make an Artist out of a Rookie. This Online class can be attended with some oil and chalk pastels. Kids learn blending and shading using pastels. You won't believe the results from this fun for all, skill enhancing workshop. No experience necessary. Kids get instructions in real-time and have live interactions with their coach and other kids in their small group. Join us and experience virtual learning until we can reunite in our classroom.

Paint Party *Virtual* (5-12 yrs)

Let your creative juices flow and alleviate your creative dormancy, come and explore the world of painting with OutOfTheBoxKids. This class will inspire kids to embrace their inner maker, get their hands dirty and paint their mind and heart out. We will be painting the winter wonderland, sunset landscape, valentine puppy, etc. This class is hands on with lots of guidance and support. All you need is paints, brushes, palette, A4 size paper, pencil and eraser.

Checkmate Chess *Virtual* (5-12 yrs)

Chess can raise ones IQ, increase creativity and problem solving skills and improve memory, concentration, and reading skills. This class covers a complete introduction to the chess pieces. The main focus is to teach kids the different movements and values, to understanding and strategizing on good trades versus bad trades, to ending the game with a checkmate! Everyone’s skill level is taken into account, as our coaches are dedicated to providing the most rewarding experience for your child.

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