Parklets Coming Soon and Reopening Campbell Ave to Traffic

Posted on September 9th, 2020 by sheldon

You may have noticed that the street in Downtown Campbell's been opened again. Yes, this does mean that the street closure experiment is coming to an end, but not entirely.

After doing this for a bit over a month, the City of Campbell in consultation with the community of small businesses in Downtown Campbell deemed the road closure to be too detrimental for some of the businesses, but we're not giving up on creating more opportunities expand outdoor options. Instead of having the road either closed or open, we're going with a hybrid approach with parklets. These are parking spaces transformed into outdoor seating areas.

It will take about three weeks for all the barriers needed to get the parklets in place to be installed. In the meantime, the street will be open Mondays through Thursdays and be closed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

This means that until further notice, the road closure will be in effect on Fridays and weekends. As soon as the parklets have been fully installed, Campbell Ave. will again be open to traffic seven days a week.

The parklets will be kept in place for a minimum of three months, but would likely continue indefinately if everything goes well.

We know this news comes as a disappointment to many of you out there and we're sorry that we couldn't continue it for you, but the City of Campbell is taking everything it learned from the month long road closure experiment and applying it to this new effort to give it a much better chance of working out for everyone.

Also, we've been very pleased with how much improved you've all been about following safety guidelines since we started the road closure. Most people in Downtown Campbell are now wearing masks and wearing them correctly. We will need you to keep doing that so more people feel safe to visit us and maintain the vitality of this downtown.

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