Parklets Being Installed in Downtown Campbell on Sept 28 and 29th

Posted on September 25th, 2020 by DCBA

There's going to be some heavy machinery in Downtown Campbell on Monday, September 28th to install the barriers and other equipment that we'll need to setup our parklets. There'll be a crane (a lot smaller than the one in this photo) getting everything in place throughout the morning and into the afternoon.

Parklets will be installed for 23 different businesses. Some businesses will only be occupying the parking space directly in front of their shop, but some will also adopt unused parking spots donated by their neighbors to get more space to work with.

In an effort to make the parklets more pleasing, potted trees will also be installed around the parklets. The trees will be arriving on Tuesday.

The parklets are here to stay for the near future. The City has stated that the parklets will remain for a minimum of 3 months and likely longer, but modifications to improve the parklet program will be made as necessary. If you have feedback that you would like to submit on the City of Campbell's parklet program, please email the City Manger's office at [email protected].

will be in place for at least three months.

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