117 Days and 80 Videos Later Ritual Day Spa Re-opens

Posted on July 10th, 2020 by Ritual Day Spa

Julie Dewhirst, the owner of Ritual Day Spa really put on a show throughout the nearly 4 month long shelter-in-place that her little spa wasn't able to be open. What she did during her extended layoff was truly something to admire and she sets the standard here for having the best Shelter in Place game in Downtown Campbell.

Spread across 117 days of shelter-in-place, she put out over 100 days of skin care tips including 80 some videos where she covered quick lessons on skin care basics. She discussed everything from the importance of wearing sunscreen, to techniques for treating common skin conditions, to demos on using professional products for self-care. Please take a look through Ritual Day Spa's Instagram Page if you'd like to pick-up a few random skin care tips or you just want to admire Julie's endurance.

Ritual Day Spa will be open again starting on July 13th (the first day allowed), but they'll only be doing waxing and massage until further notice. Please visit www.ritual-spa.com if you want to book an appointment.

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