Shelter in Place Update for week of June 14th

Posted on June 14th, 2020 by sheldon

We hope everyone is healthy and sane and if you're not, hopefully you're at least healthy OR sane.

Earlier this month, Santa Clara County began permitting restaurant and retail services to resume on a limited basis. Most of our shops and restaurants have taken advantage of the loosened restrictions, but some of them are continuing to operate on a more restricted basis for a variety of reasons.

Al Fresco Dining is In

The big news is that restaurants are allowed to offer dining service outdoors and with proper spacing between tables to allow for social distancing between all dinner parties. The City of Campbell is allowing restaurants to take up open spaces near them to set up additional tables to allow them to serve additional customers.

Even with the expanded outdoor seating, space is limited. You may be asked to observe a time limit for your table.

Not all of our restaurants have opened for dine-in service. Some remain pick-up, curbside, and delivery only. If you're not comfortable with dining out, you can still get your food for take-out and curbside.

Retail Shops Open

Most of our retailers have reopened, but many of them are only going with limited hours. Please be aware that there may be restrictions on what you will be permitted to do in the stores. You must have a face covering at all times when going to a business.

Dressing rooms at boutiques may be closed for safety reasons*. Please contact the boutique in advance to ask about their fitting room policy if you wish to try on items. Private shopping appointments are available at many shops if you ask about them and some even encourage it. There is a maximum number of people allowed into any store (employees included).

Even though many of our retailers are open, they're continuing to offer curbside delivery and online shopping too. Retailers are also allowed to expand out into normally restricted open spaces to allow them to offer merchandise from the sidewalk.

Uncertain Hours

We are all adjusting to the new normal. Nobody's done it quite like this before and so be aware that everyone's hours are subject to change without notice. We're trying to keep accurate hours for shops in our business directory and we will be publishing a page to give you easy reference to everyone's hours. For now, please contact them directly or find them in our business directory to confirm availability.

No Salons Yet

As of today, Salons have not been given permission to re-open yet.

Face Masks are Required

Face masks are required at all businesses except when you're eating or drinking. Face masks are mandatory in Santa Clara County.

We strongly encourage you to wear a face mask at all times to protect the people around you and also to help Downtown Campbell set an example of a community safely and responsibly resuming life in a pandemic.

People, we don't want to blow this. Our shops can't afford to blow this. Wear your face masks**.

Sunday Farmers' Market

Oh, I think I see a squirrel!

(Sorry, it's still suspended)

*-This is a correction to a previous statement that said that dressing rooms are not allowed to be open.

**-Exceptions apply. Infants 2 years or younger should not wear face masks. Children between the ages of 2-6 are not required, but face masks are recommended. Persons who have been advised by their physician to not wear a face mask are also exempt.

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