California's June 18th Face Mask Mandate and Downtown Campbell

Posted on June 20th, 2020 by Downtown Campbell

As of June 18th 2020, the state of California has expanded its face mask mandate to include when you are:

  • Waiting in line or waiting to enter any indoor public space

  • While outdoors in public spaces when maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet from persons who are not members of the same household or residence is not feasible

It was already previously required that you must have a face mask on whenever you are inside a place of business. The key change that affects Downtown Campbell is that you now must also be wearing a face mask even outdoors if you are likely to be closer than 6 feet away from other people.

Last week, we asked you to wear a face mask anytime you're in Downtown Campbell. As some of our restaurants have re-opened for patio dining service, people have eagerly come back to enjoy their evenings in Downtown Campbell and it's getting a little too cozy for comfort at times.

We really appreciate you coming out to support our restaurants and retailers, but we really need you to do a better of job of wearing your face masks when you're here. We know you've got them because you put them on when you enter shops as required. Now we'd like to ask you to leave them on because we keep seeing too many people who are too close and are not wearing masks.

We also want you to help us set a good example for all the other downtowns on how to strike a balance between enjoying life and being conscientious of public health and safety during a pandemic. Sure, you're probably not sick, but if you wear a mask and everyone else wears a mask in Downtown Campbell, it's likely that collectively you will have convinced a few people who actually were sick to put a mask on.

Lots of people probably do not know that California's mask mandate has expanded and most people who will come to Downtown Campbell in the next week will never read this message. They're never going to see any of our requests for them to put a mask on, but they will notice if you are wearing a mask.

So please wear a mask! We need your help to make Downtown Campbell safe for more people to enjoy and help push the infection rate down so our salons and spas can get back in action.

Why Wear a Face Mask?

Face masks are not impenetrable barriers to viruses, but they don't have to be to reduce the chances that you will give someone else Covid-19 or get it from someone else. They only need to stop enough virus from getting through to prevent diseases from being transmitted from person to person. They're especially good at stopping any outbound viruses from the wearer.

This is because respiratory droplets that can carry huge amounts of viral matter are the most potent way to transmit Covid-19 and respiratory droplets are large enough to be stopped or at least impeded by face coverings. Whatever is not blocked by the face covering won't be able to travel as far.

Cute little hamsters have shown us that masks work so please wear a mask.

Exemptions from the Face Mask Mandate

  • Children under age 2

  • Anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance

Thank You for Wearing a Mask

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