The Unicorns and Rainbows Candy Box from Rocket Fizz

Posted on April 25th, 2020 by Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop

If you can be anything in this world, please be kind. If you can't be kind then maybe you need to be a Unicorn! We can help you make that a possibility.

Start off with purging your old self with Unicorn Barf sour candy and Unicorn Yak Soda. Are you tasting the rainbow yet? If not, you'll also get Skittles, Starbursts and Krispy Kreme jellybeans with sprinkles.

Then complete your transformation into the better you with the included unicorn headband, unicorn bobble head, unicorn key chain, and unicorn finger puppet.

All of this is surrounded by gummy butterflies and cup cake jelly bellies and it's packed up in a nice therapeutic box for just $50! It's so much cheaper than therapy therapy.

Only at Rocket Fizz Campbell... I may need another hit of that Unicorn Yak.

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