Sushi Making Kits for Kids from Sushi Confidential

Posted on April 9th, 2020 by Sushi Confidential

We understand how tough it can be to keep your kids entertained and maintain your own sanity.⁣

Introducing our SUSHI MAKING KITS. Yes, they are now available! ???⁣
Making sushi can be easy and we’ll show you how with the following items:⁣
-Spicy crab⁣⁣
-Spicy tuna⁣⁣
Plus rice, soy sauce, nori, green onions, gingers, jalapeños, sesame seeds, wasabi, water bowl, tobiko, tempura crunch and macadamia nuts.⁣⁣
Sauces include unagi sauce, spicy mayo, sweet and sour and comes with sushi rolling mat and chopsticks ?.⁣
For an additional $25, we will add in 4 pieces of salmon, 4 pieces of tuna and 4 pieces of cooked shrimp so you can make either nigiri or rainbow rolls.⁣⁣
Makes up to 8️⃣ rolls! The sushi kit is $99 and is NOW AVAILABLE from our Sushi Confidential Campbell location. Call to order at 408-596-5554 or pick up in person.⁣

Who’s ready to pick up a kit tonight?

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