Shelter in Style with our Shelter In Place Dining Guide

Posted on March 21st, 2020 by sheldon

Just because there's a pandemic happening doesn't mean that you can't eat well. Many of Downtown Campbell's restaurants are back online in limited capacity to field take-out and food delivery orders. To help you navigate the Downtown Campbell restaurants that you still have access to, we've setup the Shelter-in-Place Dining Guide that only lists restaurants offering pick-up or delivery.

Please be aware that most of the restaurants are only open limited hours and not all menu items may be available for take-out and delivery. We'll try to keep the hours accurate for everyone, but they may change without notice.

While you may be thrilled that you can again enjoy some of your favorite Downtown Campbell grub, please remember to respect the safety of everyone who's working to allow you to Shelter in Style. Follow the directions of the restaurant crews on how to pay and get your food. Maintain the recommended six feet of distance from them at all times and if you are sick absolutely do not leave your home.

If any of the crew here gets sick, the restaurants may not be able to operate or may just decide that staying open just isn't worth it. Our safety during this very difficult time is just as important to us as yours.

Thank you for your understanding. Please stay healthy and we really appreciate your business.

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