Friends Don't Let Friends Spread Germs

Posted on March 9th, 2020 by sheldon

Undoubtedly, you know there's this Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus thing going around. Regardless of how you feel about the risks of it, we have one thing to ask of you. Please stay home if you're sick.

It doesn't matter if you truly only have a cold and can back it up with laboratory test results. People on the street won't see it as trivial. Anyone who appears to be spreading germs in Downtown Campbell is going to discourage people from coming here. Downtown Campbell remains open for business as it always is, but things aren't normal. We'll eventually find a new normal, but we are going to need help from our loyal community to get there sooner.

You can start by making sure that all of your friends understand that FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS SPREAD GERMS. Downtown Campbell is a very social place. You come here to celebrate birthdays, retirements, bachelorette parties, and last nights in town. If you're going to hit the town with friends here, please do us a solid and remind your entire crew to stay away if they're sick or even think they might be coming down with something. Make sure your friends know you'll forgive them if they have to back out.

Even under the best of circumstances, operating a small business is a monumental challenge. In most cases, it's not something any sane person will want to do to make money. You do it because it's who you are. You do it because there's something about it that you just love, but it's still a struggle. Challenging times are coming and we will need your help. Start by keeping all of us more healthy.

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