Coronavirus: Silicon Valley businesses bracing for impact

Posted on March 21st, 2020 by Sushi Confidential

Did you hear? Sushi Confidential is in the news again, this time with the The Mercury News.

Silicon Valley businesses bracing for impact and Sushi Con is one of them.

“But what about all those mom-and-pop businesses?” Mahood asked. “That’s who many of us are most worried about because those businesses are the businesses that make up Main Street, USA, Main Street, San Jose

Randy Musterer, the owner of Sushi Confidential, is one of those businesses.

“We’re coming out of the winter months. November, December, January, February — a lot of times those can be even losing months for restaurants,” he said. “And March, April, May, June, July, that’s when we start bringing in a lot of the money to build up the nest egg to get through the winter time. And a lot of people probably used that up hoping for this beautiful spring.”

But there are some bright spots amid the losses, too. Sushi Confidential, he said, has partnered with other local businesses — including Frost Cupcake Company and Strike Brewing Co. — to try to help them stay afloat. Now people can order cupcakes or beer through Sushi Confidential."

And now we're working with Los Gatos Soda Works now too! Get your favorite cocktails to go when ordering food.

We greatly appreciate the way our community has come together to support our restaurant as well as so many others. All small businesses thank you for this, especially us!

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