A Final Tribute to Rockie Arambula and Moonfyre Metaphysical

Posted on May 18th, 2019 by Downtown Campbell

Well, we have some sad news. Rockie Arambula, the owner of the recently closed Moonfyre Metaphysical in Downtown Campbell has lost her fight with cancer.

In 2003 when she started Moonfyre, it was the start of the perpetual slog that we now know as the Great Recession. You couldn't pick a much worse time to start a business and those early years for Moonfyre were also deeply unstable times in Downtown Campbell too. Especially when you're a small business, location matters and Downtown Campbell in 2003 wasn't one that mattered very much.

It was pretty bleak in Downtown Campbell, but in difficult years our "culture of doing stuff" started taking shape, eventually transforming Downtown Campbell into one of the most admired small downtowns in the Bay Area. Rockie and the Moonfyre gang were there at the start. They were one of the founding members of the band and one the few original members still on stage when they closed after 16 years this January. They helped start the turnaround and endured to see it grow roots and blossom.

Some legacies are written by specific deeds. Those legacies run their course when there's nobody left who remembers your name. Other legacies have no shape. They're composed of thousands of little things too small to record, but too large to define as a whole. These are the legacies of being a part of something bigger than yourself and it will be the legacy of Rockie and Moonfyre. Long after nobody can recall the name of the shop that used to be at 401 E. Campbell Ave, the presence of Rockie and the many friends she's brought into the Downtown Campbell fold, will still be felt.

You will be missed, Rockie.

If you'd like to show some love to Rockie's family, there's a Meal Train page and a GoFundMe page to help the family cover final costs for Rockie.

Meal Train: https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/ze9mod
GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/medical-fund-and-financial-assistance-for-rockie

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