Happy New Year and New Beginnings to Frost Cupcake Factory

Posted on January 1st, 2019 by Frost Cupcake Factory

Happy New Year everyone! As we welcome 2019, we also have to say goodbye to a cornerstone of the Downtown Campbell community for the past eight years. Andrea Buswell​ and her Frost Cupcake Factory​ are graduating from Downtown Campbell University and is now one of our alumni. While we're sad that Andrea and Frost is leaving us, it's for all the right reasons. We couldn't be happier or prouder to watch what Frost Cupcake Factory will be able to do now that it'll finally have the larger kitchen that it desperately needed years ago. It's amazing that Frost has been able to service some of the largest corporate customers in the Bay Area with custom made to order goodies and participate as a vendor in events as big as the Superbowl from that teeny kitchen.

This move is long overdue and we're happy that you were able to squeeze out some extra years with us, Andrea! We're going to miss your spirit, your work as a past Downtown Campbell Business Association president, the fun and whimsy of all things Frost, and most of all we're going to miss having you and your crew around. You're a Campbell girl and we'll always recognize you as one of ours and will cheer for everything you do. Thank you for all of your contributions to your hometown and thank you for your leadership during a time in which Downtown Campbell really needed all the help it could get.

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