New Parking and Setup Policies for Summer Concert Series

Posted on June 19th, 2018 by Downtown Campbell

The 2018 running of the Campbell Summer Concert Series starts this week with the return of one of the crowd favorites, The Hitmen! If these concerts are one of your (excellent) summer traditions, please be aware of a couple of new policies that start this year.

No Parking at City Hall without a Permit before 5pm
You can no longer park at City Hall before 5pm unless you have a permit. If you park there without a permit, expect to get a ticket.

No Setups Before 2pm
Please do not setup for the concert until 2pm or later. Having towels and lawn chairs all over the Orchard City Green before 2pm interferes with the work of the grounds crew.

That's all. That's not too bad as far as rules go wasn't it? Let's thank the City of Campbell for continuing to do what's been such an awesome benefit of living in and around the City of Campbell. All credit for organizing this and keeping it going belongs to the City (which is entirely separate from what you know as Downtown Campbell).

Let's also thank the Kaiser-Permanente for being the long time sponsor of this fun series of events.

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