Kelly Crowley is 2018's Citizen of the Year

Posted on January 27th, 2018 by Downtown Campbell

We are so proud to say that our very own Kelly Crowley was just named by the Campbell Chamber of Commerce as Campbell's Citizen of the Year for 2018! This is a very big deal. It's the highest honor that could be bestowed upon those who have shown dedication to making the Campbell area community one that people look up to. It's an award that acknowledges that your generosity, dedication, and love for those around you was critical in making Campbell the place that it is today. It means that you are more than just a member of this culture. You are an ingredient of the culture.

Indeed Kelly has been an ingredient of Campbell for a long time. She's been a part of the Downtown Campbell crew for over 20 years in a variety of roles. She is currently a board member of the Downtown Campbell Business Association (the owners of this Facebook Page) and the General Manager of Khartoum. As a board member, she is involved in organizing and planning many of the increasingly popular events happening in Downtown Campbell. We'd list them, but it'll just be a list of almost everything we do. As Khartoum's General Manager she is not only running a successful business, but also one that is always ready to host a fundraiser and pitch in to support important causes in the community.

We are so proud, Kelly! Well done and well deserved!

This photo was taken at last year's Celebrate Campbell Dinner at Villa Ragusa where Kelly was named the Downtown Campbell Business Association's person of the year, which was already a very nice honor in its own right. If you want to celebrate Kelly and other cornerstones of the Campbell Community, join us at the Celebrate Campbell Awards Dinner in March!

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