Thanks for the Memories and the Wonderful Light, Kaleido Lamps!

Posted on October 18th, 2017 by Kaleido Lamps

A number of people have asked us recently about what happened to Kaleido Lamps. They were there there at the beginning of summer and by the end of July, the lights had gone out. 

It happened so quickly that I didn't realize that Kaleido Lamps had left so I reached out to the owner, Tan, to ask him what he's up to. I didn't hear from him for a while, but about a month later, he wrote back saying that he just got back from a long overdue vacation. Having contacted businesses that had just closed up to ask about their future plans, it plays out like this a lot. You just know that they're not likely to get back to you anytime soon because they're re-learning what it's like to get off work and not have work follow you home on a chain attached to your ankle. 

When he finally wrote back he apologized for not getting in touch with everyone that he's been friends with in the past five years of running his happy go lucky lamp store. He only had a short period of time to get everything packed up and he got really tied up moving everything to a new location... and that's the good news for those of you who are at a loss for where you can get your hands on the unique twists that Tan put into puzzle lamps. He's still selling them, but he's only selling at events and through his website,

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