Know Your Parking Options in Downtown Campbell

Posted on December 3rd, 2015 by sheldon

Ok, we can never do this enough times. It's going to be very crowded in Downtown Campbell this Saturday for the Carol of Lights celebration. Knowing your transportation and parking options will go a long way to having a wonderful start to the holiday season with the Campbell community.

Remember, the main strip will be closed to traffic and parking. Unless you get there way before the event starts, assume that the popular options like the 2nd Street Garage (next to Stacks) will be full. The normally dependable garage next to the water tower is going to fill up fast too. Parking at the Community Center and walking in is usually the best option for big events.

Please see our Map and Directions page for a full rundown on how to get here and how to stash your wheels if you're driving. Also, please share these tips with anyone who isn't very familiar with Downtown Campbell. We want this to be fun for everyone.

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