Guardianship Awareness and Asset Protection

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Guardianship Awareness and Asset Protection is all about getting your legal house in order. Lawyer and mother Khristine Serbin will discuss important issues that many parents overlook, but are important to consider to protect their children and their future.

During the presentation, Khristine will share:

-The nine steps you can take to ensure your kids are cared for by the people you choose and in the way that you want if something happen to you or your spouse.
- How to keep your family out of the court system and out of the hands of a judge assigned to make custody or financial decisions on your children’s behalf.
- The six common mistakes parents make when naming guardians for their minor children and how to fix those mistakes.
- How to ensure your money is immediately available to your chosen guardians so your children will not require hand-outs if something happens to you, and why this must be private to keep every con artist in town away from your family’s inheritance.
- How to ensure your current will and/or living trust won’t fail (which they often do, even when drafted by lawyers) when your family needs them the most.

Saturday October 7, 2017
Time: 3pm - 4pm
Cost: FREE


This event is part of our monthly Saturday Speaker Series. These free workshops are a way for professionals in our community to come and share information and expertise that pertain to parenting a young child. Check out our calendar and website for more upcoming talks and events.

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