Breastfeeding In The Real World

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Breastfeeding does not look the same for everybody. There are many different ways to make breastfeeding work for your family. Often parents spend tons of time preparing their bodies and families for birth, but not as much preparing for the first few weeks after the baby’s arrival. This series addresses the real world scenarios that you will encounter as a breastfeeding family, including the things nobody is going to tell you.

This 6-part class series is for expectant parents whose goal is to breastfeed. The sections aim to be inclusive of the very different types of parents who have feeding goals that place an emphasis on providing breastmilk to the child. Knowledge is power, and those who know their options will be empowered to make the right choices for their families.

Session topics:

Week 1: The Biological Needs of our Newborn
What are our baby’s biological needs and expectations in the early days? How can we use skin to skin time to provide an optimal state for our child’s period of most rapid development? In what ways can this support breastfeeding and increase supply?

Week 2: Your Breastfeeding Journey: The Beginning
How does breastfeeding work? When does your body start making milk? How do you get breastfeeding off on the right foot? Learn the basics of the structure of the breast, positioning and latching.

Week 3: Your Breastfeeding Journey: Settling In
What does breastfeeding look like in the first weeks? How do you know if your baby is getting enough? We’ll address the common concerns in the breastfeeding family.

Week 4: Tools for Success: Bras, Pumps, and Partners
What are nursing, maternity, and pumping bras? What are the different types of breast pumps? Learn to love these commonly maligned products and how to pick the right ones. Partners get to learn about their roles in supporting a successful breastfeeding journey.

Week 5: Breastfeeding around Other People: Employers, Airports, and the General Public
The world outside your home can feel intimidating to a breastfeeding parent. Learn about your rights and how to make new experiences easier to approach.

Week 6: Babycarriers for Breastfeeding Support
This week will be a fun, hands-on overview of available baby carriers that are appropriate for this stage of infant development, and information about safely feeding in these carriers. This is also an important session for a non-gestational parent, as it helps develop tools to support your breastfeeding partner.


This class will be held on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm beginning April 18th, and concluding on May 23rd

The class series will consist of six 90-minute sessions, each with a 30-minute Q&A at the end, so please plan for two hours.

The cost is $375 per family (up to two people)

The maximum registration for this class is 6 families, so sign up early to guarantee your spot. The minimum participation is set at 3 families; the class will be rescheduled if there aren’t enough signups.

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