A Taste of Love: From Sicily to My Kitchen Author Event & Book Signing

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From A Taste of Love: From Sicily to My Kitchen:

Though I learned a lot from my Nana, my greatest inspiration came from my mother, whose remarkable ability to love and nourish her family was her life goal. Her success was to produce generations of inspired cooks. Male and female. To this day we gather our families together with bountiful tables where love, comfort, and inspiration flows freely. Welcome to this part of my world, it continues to inspire and comfort each new generation. All who partake are wrapped in the love of those who create the feasts.

I believe that the greatest recipe ever made has these basic ingredients:

  • A lot of love (unlimited)
  • A dash of inspiration
  • A lifetime of feelings
  • A cup of hope
  • A pinch of luck
  • Mix all ingredients together and create magic.

You’ll never fail and you will nourish your whole family.

Marilyn Longo
Author of A Taste of Love: From Sicily to My Kitchen

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