Dealing with Picky Eater Toddlers

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Are you challenged by a toddler who seals her lips or shakes her head no when offered a healthy new food? Does your child refuses to eat the rice after it touches the sauce, or refuses to eat the mashed potatoes because of its texture?

If so, then you might be challenged by a picky eater child.

Picky eating behavior, which is very common among toddlers and young children (and adults too), could be changed in most of the cases by giving the child the appropriate support and guidance.
In this session you will learn about the different reasons why toddlers and young children become picky eaters. The good news is that you could teach and help your child reconnect to the innate ability to know how to eat well. You will leave the session equipped with information and tools to help your child build healthy relationship with food.
This 60 minutes class (plus 15 minutes Q&A) will be taught by Judith Zemel: Nutritionist, Health Educator, Lactation Consultant, and Early Childhood Educator.

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