Native Gardens to Attract Butterflies and Other Pollinators

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Campbell Library presents a talk entitled Native Gardens to Attract Butterflies and Other Pollinators by Nancy Bauer. Nancy started her journey learning about California natives after well-known San Francisco butterfly gardener, Barbara Deutsch, shared compelling stories and images of vibrant gardens alive with butterflies and other pollinators. Native plants are an essential element in supporting monarchs and other winged beauties, and can be reliable, no-care treasures that benefit the local ecology while they beautify your garden.

Nancy Bauer has taught classes for the San Francisco Botanical Garden, the UC Davis Master Gardener Program, the National Wildlife Stewardship Program, and numerous garden and nature organizations throughout the Bay Area. She is author of The California Wildlife Habitat Garden: How to Attract Bees, Butterflies, Birds and Other Animals.


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77 Harrison Ave
Campbell, CA 95008