How To Handle Big Emotions in Little Babes

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Emotional intelligence is now considered one of the most important factors in determining future success for our children. With our guidance, we can help our children learn how to identify their emotions, and process and handle them in appropriate ways without completely depending on us - the parents and caregivers - to fix everything.

Join this workshop on raising self-managing children to learn how to help handle big emotions in our little ones. We will cover what to do when emotional meltdowns happen and how to guide our children through them, which can be a very stressful and sometimes uncomfortable situation for us parents, too. Learn how providing some independence and space for mistakes in our children can actually help them feel capable and become successful. While big emotions are extremely healthy and normal in children, we will also cover some practical, everyday tips on how to help your children calm down and find peace when they get upset, and come up with a family game plan on what to do the next time an emotional outburst happens.

Instructor Stephanie Lovejoy is a qualified parent educator and child development specialist. As the owner and lead instructor at Kinship Parenting, Stephanie has worked with many families to resolve sources of stress and conflict within the home. Questions about Stephanie? Check out her website!

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