Online Marketing Opportunities through is the online publicity engine of the Downtown Campbell Business Association (DCBA). This website and its associated social media accounts have been covering all things Downtown Campbell for nearly 20 years and is one of the most followed small downtowns in California.

All members of the DCBA (including associate members) are eligible to benefit from cooperative marketing through the network. Please follow the guidelines on this page if you would like your content published by us. Editor

Sheldon Chang
Editor-at-Large, Social Media Manager, Photographer
[email protected]

Key Highlights

Getting Featured on the Website

Content Standards

Content appearing on the network should be clearly written and must be relevant to someone who's interested in Downtown Campbell. Images you include in submissions must be images you have legal permission to use. Good quality images that you took yourself are preferred over stock photos.

Posting Directly to the Website

All DCBA Members are provided with an account that allows them to directly submit events, announcements, and other information to this website. Content submitted directly to the website has the highest likelihood of being published throughout the network.

Most submissions made to the website will also be featured in our bi-weekly email newsletters. Some submissions will also be shared to our social media accounts.

All website submissions will be reviewed and edited as needed prior to publication.

Connect Your Social Media Pages to

Connecting your Facebook Pages and Instagram Business Pages to will make it easier to repost some of your social media content to the website. Connecting your accounts will allow us to capture public posts and share it directly on the site. This is safe to do. Personal account and unpublished posts cannot be accessed this way.

To connect your social media pages, login to this site using the Login with Facebook process and follow the directions to share the necessary Facebook Instagram pages to Downtown Campbell.

Social Media

Downtown Campbell is primarily active on Facebook and Instagram. We will share high quality posts on our social media with priority given to DCBA Members. Please follow these guidelines on posts you wish to have shared through our social media.

Communicate Early and Often

If you have an event or big announcement coming up and you want us to help get the word out, email [email protected] well in advance with the details. Don't assume that if you tag and mention Downtown Campbell enough times we'll see it or understand what you're asking for.

Facebook Posts

Make sure you are following Downtown Campbell on Facebook and tag @Downtown Campbell in your post. Then message Downtown Campbell in Facebook Messenger or email [email protected] to request a repost.

Instagram Post Collaborations

When posting to Instagram, you can submit an Instagram post as a cross-post to the Downtown Campbell Instagram page by inviting @DowntownCampbellCA as a collaborator. To do so, tap on the "Tag People" option and then the "Invite Collaborator" option. This can only be done from the mobile app and must be done before the post is published for the first time.

Instagram Stories

When tagging Downtown Campbell in an Instagram Story, make sure you mention our Instagram account name @DowntownCampbellCA instead of location named Downtown Campbell. Stories tagged with the location name cannot be shared.