Tarot Readings at Spellcraft


We survived a cold wet dark winter and most of us are asking ourselves what is next. Renewal with clarity to put you on a better path, is a great start. It's times like this where the tarot and energy healing can provide clarity and support you on your path towards transformation.

Chief Black Horse is Returns to Moonfyre

Moonfyre Metaphysical

On Monday, September 12th, 2016, Chief Black Horse will be coming to Moonfyre Metaphysical to bring us healing sessions and readings that follow the ways and procedures of the Native American Tradition. This work is powerful and Chief Black Horse...

Massive Crystal Sale at Moonfyre

Moonfyre Metaphysical

One of our crystal vendors, Ames, is going to be in town! He has a massive stock of crystals that he is going to be selling at Moonfyre Metaphysical starting on Sunday, May 1st! He will be here for about...