A Unique Opportunity To Give Back: Why Cannabis Users Are Ideal Candidates For Blood Donations

Posted on January 8th, 2024 by cloudcity

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Did you know that cannabis consumption has zero impact on donating blood?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, blood donations were halted to the quarantine, social distancing measures, and growing concerns about virus transmission. What’s more, the cancellation of elective surgeries and medical procedures reduced the call for blood donations in certain healthcare settings. However, for the older generations, the demand was (and very much is) still there. Thus, public awareness campaigns and outreach initiatives by blood donation organizations, such as Bud for Blood, are incredibly crucial in maintaining a stable and sufficient blood supply.

Who are the ideal candidates for blood donations?

For the younger generations, namely millennials and Gen Z, donating blood is a unique and impactful opportunity to give back. Bud for Blood is a cannabis industry awareness initiative that seeks to address the critical blood shortage in the U.S. by mobilizing an unsuspecting demographic: cannabis users.

Cloud City Supply is a proud sponsor of this awesome organization and will be hosting its next annual community blood drive event on February 10th, 2024 for the second consecutive year.

Why should cannabis consumers donate blood?

The statistics say it all: stoners make great donors.

By targeting cannabis consumers, blood drive organizations can:

  • Access a larger donor pool. In 2020, there were 3.43 million cannabis consumers. By 2025, this number is set to double.
  • Reach the ideal age for blood donors. Millenials are the largest age group of cannabis consumers, responsible for over half of all cannabis sales in the country
  • Diversify blood donations. The demographics of the average blood donor is a white caucasian male between the ages of 30-50. According to a 2011 study by Emory University, approximately 78% of blood donations came from white donors, 16% from Black donors, and less than 5% from other donors of color. The demographics of cannabis users are much more expansive. Hence, it is an untapped market for patients in need of blood transfusions.
  • Provide individuals with a fulfilled sense of purpose. According to this nature.com article, cannabis users are associated with higher levels of prosocial behaviors, including empathy for others.

If you’re passionate about giving back and want to ensure your contributions are as impactful as humanly possible, partaking in our upcoming Bud For Blood x Cloud City Supply community blood drive event is the perfect opportunity for you.

How do blood donations translate into impact?

In 2023, Cloud City ushered in 34 productive units for blood donations, which included seventeen first-time donors. These contributions would go on to save the lives of 94 patients at the Stanford Blood Center in Palo Alto, California.

Not only will those who donate in 2024 receive free, hemp-based merch to proudly represent their partnership with the Bud for Blood organization, but they will also receive data confirmation that connects them with the people who were able to benefit from their donation.

Check out our event page for more details, and click here to register for the second annual Bud For Blood x Cloud City Supply community blood drive on February 10th, 2024 in downtown Campbell, CA.

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