5 Daily Wellbeing Tips To Support Your Mind & Body Through Any Seasonal Transition

Posted on December 18th, 2023 by cloudcity

Temperatures are dropping and the days are getting shorter. If the shift has thrown you out of whack, we hope today’s blog perks you up just a little, and serves as your reminder to prioritize self care. But how, you might ask? Let’s discuss five daily wellbeing tips you can use to support your physical, mental, and emotional health through any seasonal transition.

5 daily wellbeing tips for self care

Get cozy

Colder weather and less sunlight = priming your home environment for ultimate comfort. Some ways you can do this are by rearranging your living space to feature accessories like fuzzy socks, blankets, plush pillows, and your favorite coffee mugs. Pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read for months, or create a watchlist on your preferred streaming app.

One of our favorite ways to get comfy indoors is with a luxurious bath. When was the last time you completely relaxed and unwound in a nice, warm tub? We bet it’s been a while. To set you up for success, we recommend using an ergonomic bath pillow, a tray that can hold snacks, beverages, and technology like this one, and these five-star CBD bath bombs to enhance your experience.


Whether you prefer physical or digital journaling, more time indoors is the perfect opportunity to reflect on this season of your life, and how you want to navigate into the next one. Get out a pen and piece of paper (or open a new Google Doc), and think about what you’ve accomplished this year, what you’d like to incorporate more of, and what you can let go of as the end of the year approaches.

Connect with loved ones

Instead of making plans with your friends to go out to a restaurant or a bar, host a movie night or an intimate friendsgiving event at your house or someone else’s. This is a great time to get creative. Scroll your social media feeds for fun recipes and decor ideas! The more thought you put into creating a good vibe, the more fruitful this time of connection will be.


Since the winter season calls for more time inside and less time on the go, try swapping your daily coffee for a more hydrating option, like tea or fruit-infused water instead. Staying hydrated also helps combat the inevitable effects of cold weather on the skin, such as dry skin, chapped lips, and lack of energy.

Cook a healthy meal

Half of the holiday magic is all about comfort food- obviously!

Tis’ the season, and while we want you to enjoy yourself, we also want you to stay mindful of how what you put into your body affects not only your physical but your mental and emotional health as well. Of course, during family gatherings, use comfort food to connect and rejoice. But in between those occasions, try cooking yourself lighter meals to avoid any guilt that might come up when you do decide to indulge.


Daylight savings time ending might be a reality check that your days gallivanting in the sun are officially over. However, it also presents you with the chance to recenter self care. Get lots of sleep, make your home nice and cozy, create space for self-reflection, connect with loved ones, stay hydrated, and incorporate healthy eating habits to support your overall wellbeing. Use this downtime to prioritize the support your mind and body need to transition into the next phase of life refreshed and ready to evolve.

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