So Long and Thanks for All the Burgers, Brown Chicken Brown Cow!

Posted on October 4th, 2023 by Brown Chicken Brown Cow

We have some bad news for you fans of fine artisanal burgers. Brown Chicken Brown Cow closed their doors quietly this weekend without any fanfare. They just posted a farewell message on their Instagram account.

BCBW's owner, Chris Yamashita has been an integral part of the Downtown Campbell community for many years and also served faithfully on the board of the Downtown Campbell Business Association for a good number of them. He didn't just run one of your favorite restaurants. He gave back... a lot.

One thing few people see about small businesses is that the people behind them have lives and the people behind them are so integral to it that you can't always keep the two separated. Sometimes the special sauce is the person who started it.

Life took Chris to Sacramento several years ago. Somehow he managed to endure an extreme commute for the past few years to run a much beloved restaurant. Honestly, I have no idea how he managed to do it for as long as he did.

We're sad about this, but hope that closing the doors to Brown Chicken Brown Cow gives Chris the freedom to pursue new things and live life on his own terms that's best for him and his family.

Thanks for the many great years in Campbell, Chris and the entire BCBC crew! We're gonna miss you.

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