Changes in Downtown Campbell with Santa Clara County back in Covid-19 Red Tier

Posted on November 15th, 2020 by sheldon

UPDATE: We're actually going straight to the Purple (widespread) risk tier. An updated announcement was made this morning by Santa Clara County Public Health that the situation has devolved enough that we're skipping right over the Red Tier. This information is now out of date. More updates coming later today.

It's never a good thing when Santa Clara County's Public Health department sends you an email that reads like this:

After multiple weeks with slowly rising case counts, Santa Clara County is now seeing a sudden and rapid spike in cases. The average daily case count has jumped 56% in the past week for which we have full data. Similarly, hospitalizations are on the rise...

For several weeks, Santa Clara County seemed to be defying the odds. Despite escalating infection rates in counties around us, we managed to keep our rates low enough to stay in the Orange Tier.

Changes to What's Allowed

Our good fortune has finally run out. Starting on Tuesday, November 17th, the following activities will no longer be permitted or have to follow more strict guidelines:

  • Indoor dining is prohibited
  • Indoor gyms and fitness centers maximum capacity drops to 10%
  • Indoor retail maximum capacity at 50%
  • Indoor entertainment centers prohibited
  • Outdoor bars cannot sell alcohol without also serving food on the same order
  • Indoor museums reduced capacity to 25%

In October, the State of California's Covid-19 risk reduction guidelines were updated to allow for personal services to remain open with modifications in the Red and Purple Tiers. You will still be able to get massages, facials, and haircuts.

Please Be Responsible... Super Responsible

In the late summer months as our infection counts pressed downward and we were allowed to resume more and more activities, a lot of people let their guards down. If we all return to being our most cautious and responsible selves, we just might be able to avoid stumbling all the way back to the most restrictive tier of California's risk reduction guidelines or at least keep our stay in the basement as short as possible.

That's going to start and end with wearing a mask at all times except when it's simply not possible to be wearing one and limiting your interaction with people from outside of your household as much as possible. The virus doesn't care how long you've known someone or if you're best friends with them.

You can be vigilant and still be good friends so keep your mask on, keep your distance, and be super responsible.

  • November 15, 2020

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