Aqui's Campbell Suspending Patio Dining Due to Covid-19

Posted on June 26th, 2020 by Aqui Cal-Mex

You may have heard that Aqui's Campbell had to close down temporarily due to one of their stafff members testing positive for Covid-19 on Wednesday. Effective immediately, they've suspended patio dining for safety reasons.

I don't know anything more than the information that is already public so I'm not directing nor deflecting blame when I say that things are very difficult right now for all of our shops and we need help from our community to meet us half the way. I read a lot of messages from people who express that the businesses need to take more responsibility to enforce the rules. That's a fair criticism, but please also understand how difficult this is to do in practice when sometimes patrons have no interest in following the rules set out for them. The people working the restaurants have a challenging enough of a job under these pandemic conditions. It'd be asking a lot of them to also be crowd control officers and experts in conflict resolution.

Everyone, we cannot do this without you. You must help us or we're going to have more incidents like this.

You can help us by modeling good behavior when you come down here and encourage your friends and family to do the same. It will be a slow process, but we can get there if we start now.

Downtown Campbell is a very social place and most people aren't willfully ignoring rules. They're just acting like normal decent human beings who read the room and adapt to their surroundings. The only issue is that too many are following the 2019 version of normal (which we all miss dearly). If we want to have nice things, you must must help us move on to the 2020 version of normal.

Please wear a mask, please demonstrate proper distancing, please make room for others, and please don't crowd around the high traffic areas. Livelihoods if not lives themselves are at stake.

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