Help Deb Rohzen recover from a stroke and keep Simply Smashing running

Posted on April 25th, 2020 by Downtown Campbell

Deb Rohzen has been around here so long, she's an institution. On top of the Covid-19 economy, she's also recovering from a (mild) stroke. She will make a full recovery and her boutique isn't going anywhere, but she'll need to slow down for a few months to do some rehabilitation and build her strength back up.

This GoFundMe campaign is for both Deb and her shop, Simply Smashing Boutique. It's for both because there's just no way to separate Deb from Simply Smashing and vice versa. They've been conjoined twins ever since she opened up shop in 2000.

I know there's a lot of GoFundMe's going around and it gets overwhelming, but please take a moment to look at this one if you have the means to help.

Remember to email proof of donation of $25 or more to [email protected] to enter our monthly drawings for prizes to thank you for supporting our merchants through this very difficult time.

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