Downtown Campbell's Metro Best of Silicon Valley 2016 Winners!

Posted on April 2nd, 2016 by sheldon

Where is the best dining value in Silicon Valley? How about the best sushi restaurant? If you want the top rated burger in all of the South Bay, where do you go and if you want to take some out of town family out for some Greek food that they'll tell everyone back home about, what's your spot?

Well, according to Metro Magazine's annual Best of Silicon Valley 2016 reader's picks, if you're looking for the best, Downtown Campbell can hook you up in a big way. Our eateries and retailers left a mark by hauling in around two dozen awards and runner up mentions.

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you, thank you, thank you from all of us in Downtown Campbell to all of you out there who showed us some love with your votes.

Metro Best of Silicon Valley 2016 Honorees

Blue Line Pizza

  • Best Pizza (Runner Up)

Brown Chicken Brown Cow

  • Best Burger
  • Best Small Restaurant (Runner Up)


  • Best Dive Bar West Valley (Runner Up)
  • Best Karaoke West Valley (Runner Up)

Frost Cupcake Factory

  • Best Bakery (Runner Up)

Psycho Donuts

  • Best Donuts (Runner Up)

Sushi Confidential

  • Best Sushi
  • Best Value (Runner Up)

Tessora's Barra di Vino

  • Best Wine Shop (Runner Up)

Aqui Cal-Mex

  • Best Dining Value
  • Best Margarita
  • Best Burrito (Runner Up)
  • Best Business Lunch (Runner Up)

Faux Salon

  • Best Hair Salon (Runner Up)

Heroes Comic Books

  • Best Comics Store

Katie Bloom's Irish Pub

  • Best Irish Pub (Runner Up)


  • Best Mediterranean
  • Best Patio (Runner Up)

Orchard Valley Coffee

  • Best Indie Coffee (Runner Up)

Rage Salon

  • Best Salon


  • Best Breakfast (Runner Up)

Willard Hicks

  • Best new Restaurant (Runner Up)

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