Solutions to Allergies and Digestion Issues in Infants and Children

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  • Why are there so many allergies in children these days? What causes them?
  • How do you know if your baby/child is suffering from food allergies? What are the signs and symptoms?
  • How are strong digestion and stomach acid production essential to your child's health?
  • How does overuse of Antibiotics in children impair their digestion? What are the alternatives?
  • Milk and milk derivatives - Does it do a child’s body good?
  • All of these questions and more will be addressed in this session with Dr. Rachel Hamel.

About Dr. Rachel Hamel:

Dr. Hamel provides unique and gentle chiropractic care for all ages. She has completed advanced training in Applied Kinesiology, Sacro-Occipital technique, SOT Cranial Technique, IASTM, Rocktape, Webster Technique, Neuro Emotional Technique; and is working towards her ACN in nutrition, as well as certification in Cranial-Dental diplomat.
She is a member of Soto-USA, BABI (Bay Area Birth Information) and ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association). She received her Bachelor’s with honors in Health Science from Whitworth University, and her doctorate degree where she was valedictorian from Palmer West Chiropractic College.

Dr. Hamel is a caring and passionate chiropractor that strives to think outside of the box to achieve optimal care for patients. She understands the value of looking at the whole picture of health, and believes that the patient’s condition will determine the course of treatment. “Individual needs can differ with each patient, and one treatment might work well for one but not for another." Dr. Hamel’s personal experience with scoliosis as well as chronic headaches and TMJ, sparked her passion for treating these conditions and many others with chiropractic care. She thoroughly enjoys treating throughout pregnancy and beyond.

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