Free E-Waste Collection Day to Support Carol of Lights

This event has already passed

The Home Church is sponsoring a Free E-Waste Collection Day to raise money for The Carol of Lights, a fun and free event for families held every December in Downtown Campbell. It's time to clean out your cubicles and closets - bring your unwanted, obsolete, or non-functional electronics from home or office and recycle them!

We will be accepting: monitors, TVs, computers, laptops, cell phones, telecom equipment, wire/cable, PC boards, scrap metal, computer mice, keyboards, printers, fax and copy machines, toner and ink cartridges, stereo equipment, DVD/CD/MP3 players, microwave ovens, small appliances, and more. Please note: we will not be accepting flourescent lights or alkaline batteries.

Recycling will be done by Green Mouse Recycling of San Jose, which commits to preventing e-waste from being processed outside of the U.S. or dumped in landfills or incinerators.

Event Details

Starts at:
1799 Winchester Blvd
Campbell, CA 95008